5 Ways to Pleasure Your Woman in a Matter of Seconds

Yes, I’m talking to you champ, or at least you will be when you read all of the tips on how to suck a girl’s clit like a champ.

#1 – The First Step

First of all you will need to take her clothes off. Of course you can do it being rude, pulling it out and go straight to the spot, but that’s not the most correct way to do it, at least for most of the girls. Try instead, start making out, getting her wet with some kisses and then slowly go down using the next tips.

#2 – The Right Way

Now that you have already overtake the physical barrier the clothes represented you can start, slowly and nicely, kissing your way down, with some kisses in the neck to make her get some goose bumps, some dirty talk whispered on the ear have the same effect. By this time she has already start to feel the luckiest girl in the world thanks to you.

#3 – Almost There!

For god sake, don’t stop kissing that naked body in front of you just to ask some silly question or do some kind of jock, just don’t do it. Instead, you should keep going down, kissing her, biting her nipples, licking her breasts, all of that will make her even wet and happier. So, just keep going down.

#4 – Here It Is

You have finally arrived to your destination! Now that you are where both of you are happy, you should know some of this bulletproof techniques so everything goes as perfect as it can:

  • The beginner move – Lick the entire vagina with a relaxed and flat tongue in a very slow movement from the bottom until her clit. While you’re going back down to repeat this, follow her inside and outside lips on one side by the touch of your tongue. Then you should focus on the other side. This is a very basic and simple technique that you can begin with!
  • Checking the lips – You can simply spread her lips from each other using your hands and suck the inner lips a little. Outer lips are really worth kissing a lot. But don’t forget to pleasure all the lips and not just one side!
  • The nosy tongue – This technique is really easy to follow. Stick your tongue all out, put it hard and simulate the movements you usually do when using your penis when you’re penetrating her. This is a great move that leaves her clitoris alone and built more anticipation on her.
  • The clit flicker & sucker – This is a method that you should avoid if she is too sensitive in the clitoris area. You need to expose her clit by pulling her lips away with your finger. Once it’s clear, you can put your mouth over her clitoris. Then just start licking it with your tongue. Kissing it and biting it it’s also a good way to do it, but only if she can handle such stimulation.

And then you just have to keep doing those techniques until she reaches climax. And don’t stop, I will say it again, DON’T STOP while she is reaching the most beloved orgasm.

#5 – The End

Now, after following all of those tips on how you can suck a girl’s clit like a champ, you are ready to be called the clit champ.