How to Have Porn Star Stamina in Bed

PE Issues in BedDude, you better put your seatbelt and get ready to learn techniques here that will transform you into a sex machine in no time flat. These methods I’m about to reveal to you are so dang compelling that you’ll be able to add 32 minutes your time in the sack instantly. So listen up and pay close attention because this information will change your life just like it did to mine.

You see, just a few months ago I was a joke in bed. Every time I’d get a chance to have sex, I’d blow my load within 2-3 minutes of getting naked, sometimes even before! And I’m not talking about 2-3 minutes of intercourse, just being naked. I don’t think it takes much of imagination to figure out how impressed chicks were with me. Of course, some of them are quite nice about it, but I’ve been laughed at like a pathetic half-man before.

Needless to say that these experiences ticked me off enough to do something about it. Which is why I’m writing this article right now. I was able to master controlling ejaculation and you can too! Here’s how to get porn star stamina tonight:

1) The brainwave rebalancing method:

Ejaculation is controlled by several main factors, the most important being the mental side of things. First, you need to have an understanding of how your brain works.

Two primary chemicals within your brain affect ejaculation, dopamine, and serotonin. Serotonin is the more important of the two as the amount of it is controlled by your mood. Guys with issues about their ejaculation time experience at least one, if not all of the following feelings over sex: anxiety, stress, depression.

All three of these moods cause a drop in serotonin and thus make for a quick ejaculation. To combat this, you need to rebalance your brain waves and therefore your spirit by getting over these emotions.

An extremely efficient way to relieve these negative emotions immediately is through power statements. Tell yourself the following:

– I am super cool
– I can entirely satisfy a woman
– I am confident and in control of every situation

Repeat these power statements several times a day and honestly believe them when you say it!

2) Male kegel exercises:

Most guys instantly think of women when they hear about kegel exercises. However, both men and women have a muscle in their pelvic region known as the PC muscle.

This muscle tightens as you near orgasm and puts pressure on your prostate causing ejaculation. You can drastically increase your ability to hold of your ejaculate by strengthening your PC muscle with kegel exercises.

To accomplish the exercise, you need to do it while urinating. Make yourself stop the stream mid-flow that is your PC muscle. Do this three times each time you pee until you can contract and release that muscle when you are not urinating.

Do three sets of 10 reps at least every other day to maintain strength.

3) Rhythmic breathing technique:

A good portion of dudes with early ejaculation struggles get super hyped up leading up to and starting intercourse. They start breathing like they just finished a 5K and this will almost guarantee a premature ejaculation. To overcome this tendency to get worked up and breath quickly, focus your breaths so that they are intense and slow. Make them align with the rhythm of your partner’s breathing pattern. This will relax your PC muscle and give you a connection with your woman that will lead to an explosive orgasm for both of you.

Here’s the ultimate trick to last longer in bed tonight

This one skill is so extraordinary that using it will turn you from a one pump chump into a sex god overnight and the change will be so drastic and sudden she’ll be begging you for more all the time! If you are serious about putting an end to your PE nightmare, you must read the next article from me.