Things That You Can Do and Say to Pick Up Women at the Gym

Hot Girl at the Gym to be Picked Up OnThis probably goes without saying, the gym is a place full of hot and toned women. Whenever you visit the gym you will see numerous sweaty women with toned abs and incredible waistlines, and because of that it is impossible not to stare and be attracted. You may also have heard about some stories that it is difficult to pick up women at the gym, but contrary to what you have heard and have been told, most of the hook-ups happen in this place. Why won’t it when you both share the same interest? If you have not had the courage to approach the girl that you have your eye on, then you can follow these tips that had proven effective by those who were able to meet the girl of their dreams in the gym.

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First thing that you would need to do is to plan your approach, you would not want to come off as creepy or desperate and you have to remember that in instances like these, first impression lasts. You can start by trying to work out near her, but do not interrupt a woman during her mid-exercise as it could cause irritation and it will blow your chances of going out on a date with her. Also, your attempts of working out next to her should not looking like you are stalking her, as that would put you on a negative light. Just be close enough to her that you know it would be very easy to strike up a conversation as if you were a truly alpha male.

Another tip that you can do is to try and get her attention. Sure, you are exercising near her and showing off your own toned muscles, but how can you catch her attention aside from flexing? You can stare at her in a way that is short and will just linger for about a few seconds, try not to smile too widely or smirk as it may give them the wrong idea. Just look at her in a friendly way and say a quick hello.

After being near her and after starting a staring contest, you can then stick up a decent, short conversation. You have three choices, you can either compliment her, you can comment about what she is doing or about anything that is related to what the both of you are doing or you can also ask her to help you. Remember, women love men who are humble and those who does not show off or act that they know everything. There are women who have attended the gym longer that you and they may have more knowledge on how to use some of the equipment and it won’t hurt to ask how to use it, you will never know when a cute is listening or if you may hit it off with the girl that you asked help from.

And last but not the least, and probably the most important one, is that you should learn how to take a hint. Do not be too focused on impressive the girl that you want to ask out, if she shuts you down immediately after your attempt of trying to start a conversation, just leave it as it is. If a girl then talks to you about things that are fun to do outside of the gym, then take it as her way of asking you to hang out. All you have to do is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open and this will lead you to be the best at picking up women at the gym.