7 Proven Ways To Enhance The Size Of Your Dick

When it comes to penis size, the truth of the matter is being in washrooms and locker rooms full of people is in bad taste, especially when you deem yourself small. No doubt when that happens the need to increase the size comes to mind. In this case, below are some proven ways to enhance the size of your dick safely.

1. Eat less cheese and meat

Reality is that with cheese and meat you increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Consequently, arteries and veins narrow thus reducing blood flow to the penis. By reducing your intake of cheese and meat, the veins will open up allowing for a bigger blood flow to the penis and the looks of it will become more impressive.

2. Stretch your penis

One of the proven ways to enhance the size of your penis is by stretching it. One of the ways to do so is by firmly grasping the head of your penis and hold tightly, but not too much so you do not cut off the circulation. Pull and stretch it outwards while still holding the base with your other hand. Do this every day for 5 minutes while doing it for 10-25 seconds sets.

3. Use ginseng

Among a study completed in Korea, it was found that taking a regular amount of ginseng roots on a daily basis results in penis enlargement in men. In this regards, taking in the recommended dose of 500mg per day, you will soon see results in not only length but overall width.

4. Stay warm

As is obvious when you wash up or go swimming, you will find that your penis is usually smaller. Worse still is if you live in a cold environment as it affects the size of your dick. To be able to counter attack this, try to stay as warm as possible so that blood circulation to that area is increased. The reason behind this is that the warmer you are, the more blood rushes to the penis and subsequent enlarging occurs. Doing this repeatedly ensures that it takes a bigger form with the veins enlarging in the process.

5. Engage in Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are usually a favorite for women when it comes to sexuality. However, it has been found to be one of the best ways to enhance penis size. This happens when you squeeze the muscles of your dick as you relieve yourself. Do this up to 10-20 times in every set for effective enhancement.

6. Eat Pumpkin seeds

With the fact that pumpkin seeds are full of vitamin E, speeding of blood flow to the penis is a given. With this happening, enhancing the size of your dick is achieved. In this regards, by incorporating it in your diet plan, you will be assured of positive results.

7. Eat cayenne pepper

Cayenne is a great food additive that is usually used in small doses for its spiciness. However, by throwing this notion out and using it every day, it will help you in the process of penis enhancement. This is because cayenne pepper increases metabolism which helps in blood circulation. Regular full blood circulation to the penis then results in bigger penis size.