Common Regular Practices that Will Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Lots of ejaculate of semenResearch shows that over 5 million men in the US alone experience low ejaculation power, this comes at a time when ignorance cannot be bliss. A section of women recently interviewed expressed their concerns that 80% of the men they have been with experienced this problem, claiming further that it took the edge off the dazzle that comes with it. So, how do we solve this in order to have more power and reach? Below are 3 simple ways that involve our overall lifestyle.

Through proper dietary practices and supplementation

Believe it or not what we consume has an overall effect on your ability to ejaculate, there are certain types of food and drinks that give your body a hard time in firing up the semen factory, a perfect example is soda and alcohol they are not only bad for the liver but also the testosterone levels in the body, a recent finding showed that men who consumed over 2 bottles a day had a 30% lower count.

Apart from exercising restraints to certain elements, there are those we are fully encouraged to consume, regularly in fact.

a) Foods rich in Amino acids

They are the building blocks of proteins, and according to scientists a large portion of these acids are found in the head of the sperm, this only goes to show how essential they are in the sperm creation process. The most common include; L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Carnitine.

b) Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables

These herbaceous plants are rich anti-oxidants which improve sperm quality through nourishing.

c) Take zinc together with folic acid

Zinc is one of the important trace elements in our bodies which among its many functions when coupled with folic acid, not only increases sperm count immensely but also prevents prostate cancer.

Checking our lifestyle habits

a) Managing stress levels

At this digital age and time living a stress free life is more of fantasy, although learning how to manage and eventually reduce stress levels is actually within reach. Stress tends to interfere with hormonal balance resulting to low testosterone levels and eventually low ejaculatory power.

b) Regular kegel exercises

Also known as PC exercises, perform a host of functions that help improve the overall reproductive system. More information on how to go about this is available in the search engines.

Check on your common habits

This entails an array of common practices which include;

a) Avoiding too much heat

The temperature requires to enhance the production of sperms needs to be slightly lower than that of the body, and this people, is why the scrotum is located on the outer part of the body rather than inside. It is therefore advisable to keep off regular hot baths, steam rooms or cars with heated seats.

b) Refrain from wearing too tight underwear

Too tight underwear will increase scrotal temperature, which eventually interferes with sperm production.

There are other common practices associated with increasing heat in the mid lower section that should be avoided e.g. sitting with your feet crossed.

It is important to note the do’s and don’ts in order to increase ejaculation power and sperm count, it is also advisable to see a specialist in case of a more serious situation.