Uncover The Golden Tips On How to Cum Twice in a Row

Hot girl wanting him to come moreWomen are built to have multiple orgasms, men aren’t. There is a cool-down period before we can get it up again and get back in the game. For some men, the period is about 30 minutes, and for others it may take an hour or so, or a short nap in between, before they are good to go again.

The thing about sex is, we love it, the more we get it, the more prostate milking we want. We want to be harder than ever before, we want to last longer than ever before, and we want to go multiple times in one session. We have all had that odd sexual encounter where we remained hard after ejaculation, kept going, and came again in a few minutes. Was it just a random occurrence? Is it possible to do it again? What would it take to recreate the magic? Here’s everything you need to know:

Refrain from Sex and Masturbation for a Week

Most men who have experienced multiple ejaculations within a matter of minutes have one thing in common: they weren’t sexually active for a week or more before that magical sexual encounter. When they started having sex, they came early, noticed that they were still hard, and kept going to achieve their second orgasm.

Under normal circumstances, you come and start going soft in a matter of seconds. But if you haven’t had sex in a while, and haven’t been masturbating, you have enough pent-up energy to power a small town. You can utilize this energy to come twice in one session.

Do Kegel Exercises

While most people think of Kegel exercises as something exclusive to women, it helps men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are what you use for sex. They will help you achieve greater control over your ejaculations and will improve your overall sexual performance. You can use the newfound control to either prolong your ejaculation or to have multiple ejaculations in one session.

Stay Fit, Keep An Eye on Your Testosterone Levels

Your libido is controlled by your testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are low, you will start gaining weight, your desire to have sex will go down, and you will become susceptible to a number of health issues. It is a good idea to get your testosterone levels checked by a doctor, so they can recommend a treatment in case anything is wrong. A high testosterone level will result in increased libido, and will give you the stamina to cum twice in a row.

Control It With Your Mind

Erections are psychological. Your state of mind has a huge impact on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection, and your ability to cum. Some men are aroused by dirty talk to the point where they can achieve an erection right after going soft, if their partner starts talking dirty. Some men get hard to the right music, and some have specific fetishes that can turn them on instantly. Do some self-exploration, try role-play, different sexual positions, and may be some S&M just to get an idea of what can get you going after you have come once in a session.
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