How to Have Porn Star Stamina in Bed

PE Issues in BedDude, you better put your seatbelt and get ready to learn techniques here that will transform you into a sex machine in no time flat. These methods I’m about to reveal to you are so dang compelling that you’ll be able to add 32 minutes your time in the sack instantly. So listen up and pay close attention because this information will change your life just like it did to mine.

You see, just a few months ago I was a joke in bed. Every time I’d get a chance to have sex, I’d blow my load within 2-3 minutes of getting naked, sometimes even before! And I’m not talking about 2-3 minutes of intercourse, just being naked. I don’t think it takes much of imagination to figure out how impressed chicks were with me. Of course, some of them are quite nice about it, but I’ve been laughed at like a pathetic half-man before.

Needless to say that these experiences ticked me off enough to do something about it. Which is why I’m writing this article right now. I was able to master controlling ejaculation and you can too! Here’s how to get porn star stamina tonight:

1) The brainwave rebalancing method:

Ejaculation is controlled by several main factors, the most important being the mental side of things. First, you need to have an understanding of how your brain works.

Two primary chemicals within your brain affect ejaculation, dopamine, and serotonin. Serotonin is the more important of the two as the amount of it is controlled by your mood. Guys with issues about their ejaculation time experience at least one, if not all of the following feelings over sex: anxiety, stress, depression.

All three of these moods cause a drop in serotonin and thus make for a quick ejaculation. To combat this, you need to rebalance your brain waves and therefore your spirit by getting over these emotions.

An extremely efficient way to relieve these negative emotions immediately is through power statements. Tell yourself the following:

– I am super cool
– I can entirely satisfy a woman
– I am confident and in control of every situation

Repeat these power statements several times a day and honestly believe them when you say it!

2) Male kegel exercises:

Most guys instantly think of women when they hear about kegel exercises. However, both men and women have a muscle in their pelvic region known as the PC muscle.

This muscle tightens as you near orgasm and puts pressure on your prostate causing ejaculation. You can drastically increase your ability to hold of your ejaculate by strengthening your PC muscle with kegel exercises.

To accomplish the exercise, you need to do it while urinating. Make yourself stop the stream mid-flow that is your PC muscle. Do this three times each time you pee until you can contract and release that muscle when you are not urinating.

Do three sets of 10 reps at least every other day to maintain strength.

3) Rhythmic breathing technique:

A good portion of dudes with early ejaculation struggles get super hyped up leading up to and starting intercourse. They start breathing like they just finished a 5K and this will almost guarantee a premature ejaculation. To overcome this tendency to get worked up and breath quickly, focus your breaths so that they are intense and slow. Make them align with the rhythm of your partner’s breathing pattern. This will relax your PC muscle and give you a connection with your woman that will lead to an explosive orgasm for both of you.

Here’s the ultimate trick to last longer in bed tonight

This one skill is so extraordinary that using it will turn you from a one pump chump into a sex god overnight and the change will be so drastic and sudden she’ll be begging you for more all the time! If you are serious about putting an end to your PE nightmare, you must read the next article from me.

Are You Ready to Be a Goddess and Take His Load?

Foods to increase your loadLife is full of great moments. Sex is one of them.

Sex is everything, sex is power. All of our decisions are based on sexuality. Now, beyond routine sex, the real frenzy is to make him feel like a god by showing him that you are a goddess. Goddesses have confidence in themselves and no one does it better than them… even if they do it with someone with “a lot” of experience.

How do you do that in sex? How to make him feel like a god? How to delight him with our mouth and to swallow until the last drop? (Yes, swallowing is important to them)

First, what most excites them: the attitude. A woman who is confident about what she does, her movements and her looks, is a woman worth seeing again.

Second, movements and sounds. This would probably be one of the most difficult parts because advices and tips are not enough. To be able to drive him crazy with your movements, you have to let go and stop thinking: let him touch you while you move, or why not, make him touch you (where you want to be touched). If sex is not about intimacy and senses, you are not doing it right. Some men enjoy listening to their lovers, and prefer a woman who likes to moan (and even scream, but do not exaggerate). Do not be afraid to moan, it can excite you too.

Third and most important: the blowjob. Let us not deceive ourselves, it is the favorite part of men, and it must be the beginning and the happy ending.

How to satisfy him with my mouth? Will he like it even though I’m not that good?

Girls, he’s going to like it even if you have no experience. If you want to give your partner a routine blowjob, it does not take much effort. But if you want to be unforgettable, there are some tips you cannot miss.

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We recommend this formula: eyes, tongue, throat and moans. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the result is better than you think. Start with a little tongue in the most sensitive parts (the tip and the back of the penis), and then, begins the action inside your mouth. Only you can measure the pace that your partner likes, and do not forget to get to the throat. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult! How can you put it down to the throat without choking? Probably a lot of practice, but an advice: relax and open your mouth. Let the pleasure cloud your mind. Remember to look into his eyes (they love it) and moan while you have it in your mouth.

The happy ending: they can’t resist to cum somewhere on your body, but their favorite part is in your mouth. Do not be afraid to please him with this, on the contrary, help him to make it a pleasant experience. Look into his eyes provocatively, and encourage him with your lips and moans to finish inside your mouth.

When he reaches the orgasm inside your mouth, you already got a part of the heaven won, at least for him. A woman who can make her partner cum, is a great lover. But a woman who can make the sex an unforgettable experience, is a goddess.

Uncover The Golden Tips On How to Cum Twice in a Row

Hot girl wanting him to come moreWomen are built to have multiple orgasms, men aren’t. There is a cool-down period before we can get it up again and get back in the game. For some men, the period is about 30 minutes, and for others it may take an hour or so, or a short nap in between, before they are good to go again.

The thing about sex is, we love it, the more we get it, the more prostate milking we want. We want to be harder than ever before, we want to last longer than ever before, and we want to go multiple times in one session. We have all had that odd sexual encounter where we remained hard after ejaculation, kept going, and came again in a few minutes. Was it just a random occurrence? Is it possible to do it again? What would it take to recreate the magic? Here’s everything you need to know:

Refrain from Sex and Masturbation for a Week

Most men who have experienced multiple ejaculations within a matter of minutes have one thing in common: they weren’t sexually active for a week or more before that magical sexual encounter. When they started having sex, they came early, noticed that they were still hard, and kept going to achieve their second orgasm.

Under normal circumstances, you come and start going soft in a matter of seconds. But if you haven’t had sex in a while, and haven’t been masturbating, you have enough pent-up energy to power a small town. You can utilize this energy to come twice in one session.

Do Kegel Exercises

While most people think of Kegel exercises as something exclusive to women, it helps men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are what you use for sex. They will help you achieve greater control over your ejaculations and will improve your overall sexual performance. You can use the newfound control to either prolong your ejaculation or to have multiple ejaculations in one session.

Stay Fit, Keep An Eye on Your Testosterone Levels

Your libido is controlled by your testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are low, you will start gaining weight, your desire to have sex will go down, and you will become susceptible to a number of health issues. It is a good idea to get your testosterone levels checked by a doctor, so they can recommend a treatment in case anything is wrong. A high testosterone level will result in increased libido, and will give you the stamina to cum twice in a row.

Control It With Your Mind

Erections are psychological. Your state of mind has a huge impact on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection, and your ability to cum. Some men are aroused by dirty talk to the point where they can achieve an erection right after going soft, if their partner starts talking dirty. Some men get hard to the right music, and some have specific fetishes that can turn them on instantly. Do some self-exploration, try role-play, different sexual positions, and may be some S&M just to get an idea of what can get you going after you have come once in a session.
Have you ever had two ejaculations in one session? Share your story with us in the comments section.

How Can a Woman Milk the Prostate of a Man

Hot girl wanting to please a manProstate milking is an one of the ultimate ways to get a exhilarating male sexual stimulation. Unknown to many, the prostate gland is round mass of tissue locate in a male rectum. Milking or massaging it will often produce an incredibly exciting sexual high to the recipient if properly done. As a woman, this is one of the ways you can take charge and give your man the experience of a lifetime. Other than being enjoyable, this action has health benefits. For one, it could help overcome erectile dysfunction. Even better, it could also help eliminate prostate cancer causing bacteria. Even so, there are health dangers tied to prostate milking. They include possible risks of getting hemorrhoids. For people suffering from prostatitis, it should be avoided as it may lead to further health complications to the patient. If, however, your partner is in top notch health, this is definitely something worth trying. Basically, it can be done in two ways; internally or externally. If you don’t wish to use your hands, there are sex toy specially designed for the job. You may opt to use one instead. Whichever way you decide to go about it, take your time and make as gentle as possible for effective results. Below are steps on how to effectively carry out this act.


Some people may not be entirely comfortable with having anything up their anus. In such cases, an external stimulation would be the better choice. Here is how to go about it.

1. Make your partner lay on his back with his knees up. Ensure he’s comfortable in this position.

2. Lift up his testicles with one hand. Reach out for the perineum with your other hand. The perineum is the area between a man’s scrotum and his anus.

3. Gently rub the center of the perineum. It is advisable to lube up the area to make your work easier.

4. You will start to feel a firm round like spot (the prostate); that is your target. Gently rub this area at a slow pace.

5. Your partner should feel a sensation while you’re doing this.

6. If he admittedly feels something, push a little harder in circular motions. This should result in an intense orgasm. This method requires a little more force compared to the internal one. This is because you are not directly in contact with the gland.

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With this method, it is important to ensure the anal area is clean. Get your partner to take a shower before getting down to business. It is also very recommendable for him to ensure his bowels are empty. You may choose to use gloves or to just use direct skin contact. When ready, follow the steps below.

1. The most important aspect of this process is to ensure your partner is in a comfortable position. The best would be for him to lie on his back with his legs apart.

2. Begin by massaging his testicles and the area around his anus. This should reduce the any tension your partner may have while simultaneously getting the area warmed up.

3. Ensure your nails are short and well trimmed to eliminate the possibility of discomfort to your partner. Apply lube to the anus area and to your fingers.

4. Slowly insert about two inches of your index finger into his anus. Do not rush it, take your time.

5. Move your finger around and try to locate the prostate gland.

6. Once you find it, massage it gently. Try not to push too hard as you could damage the gland resulting in prostate related complications to your partner.

7. Rhythmically move your finger in and out. This should cause a whole lot of sensations to him eventually leading him to orgasm. To prolong the sensation, you could do it while taking short breaks; enough to hold off the orgasm.

If you are looking to spice up you love life, this is one of the best ways you and your man can achieve it. It may not always work with the first trial. Don’t give up, it takes a bit of practice to get it right.

5 Ways to Pleasure Your Woman in a Matter of Seconds

Yes, I’m talking to you champ, or at least you will be when you read all of the tips on how to suck a girl’s clit like a champ.

#1 – The First Step

First of all you will need to take her clothes off. Of course you can do it being rude, pulling it out and go straight to the spot, but that’s not the most correct way to do it, at least for most of the girls. Try instead, start making out, getting her wet with some kisses and then slowly go down using the next tips.

#2 – The Right Way

Now that you have already overtake the physical barrier the clothes represented you can start, slowly and nicely, kissing your way down, with some kisses in the neck to make her get some goose bumps, some dirty talk whispered on the ear have the same effect. By this time she has already start to feel the luckiest girl in the world thanks to you.

#3 – Almost There!

For god sake, don’t stop kissing that naked body in front of you just to ask some silly question or do some kind of jock, just don’t do it. Instead, you should keep going down, kissing her, biting her nipples, licking her breasts, all of that will make her even wet and happier. So, just keep going down.

#4 – Here It Is

You have finally arrived to your destination! Now that you are where both of you are happy, you should know some of this bulletproof techniques so everything goes as perfect as it can:

  • The beginner move – Lick the entire vagina with a relaxed and flat tongue in a very slow movement from the bottom until her clit. While you’re going back down to repeat this, follow her inside and outside lips on one side by the touch of your tongue. Then you should focus on the other side. This is a very basic and simple technique that you can begin with!
  • Checking the lips – You can simply spread her lips from each other using your hands and suck the inner lips a little. Outer lips are really worth kissing a lot. But don’t forget to pleasure all the lips and not just one side!
  • The nosy tongue – This technique is really easy to follow. Stick your tongue all out, put it hard and simulate the movements you usually do when using your penis when you’re penetrating her. This is a great move that leaves her clitoris alone and built more anticipation on her.
  • The clit flicker & sucker – This is a method that you should avoid if she is too sensitive in the clitoris area. You need to expose her clit by pulling her lips away with your finger. Once it’s clear, you can put your mouth over her clitoris. Then just start licking it with your tongue. Kissing it and biting it it’s also a good way to do it, but only if she can handle such stimulation.

And then you just have to keep doing those techniques until she reaches climax. And don’t stop, I will say it again, DON’T STOP while she is reaching the most beloved orgasm.

#5 – The End

Now, after following all of those tips on how you can suck a girl’s clit like a champ, you are ready to be called the clit champ.

7 Proven Ways To Enhance The Size Of Your Dick

When it comes to penis size, the truth of the matter is being in washrooms and locker rooms full of people is in bad taste, especially when you deem yourself small. No doubt when that happens the need to increase the size comes to mind. In this case, below are some proven ways to enhance the size of your dick safely.

1. Eat less cheese and meat

Reality is that with cheese and meat you increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Consequently, arteries and veins narrow thus reducing blood flow to the penis. By reducing your intake of cheese and meat, the veins will open up allowing for a bigger blood flow to the penis and the looks of it will become more impressive.

2. Stretch your penis

One of the proven ways to enhance the size of your penis is by stretching it. One of the ways to do so is by firmly grasping the head of your penis and hold tightly, but not too much so you do not cut off the circulation. Pull and stretch it outwards while still holding the base with your other hand. Do this every day for 5 minutes while doing it for 10-25 seconds sets.

3. Use ginseng

Among a study completed in Korea, it was found that taking a regular amount of ginseng roots on a daily basis results in penis enlargement in men. In this regards, taking in the recommended dose of 500mg per day, you will soon see results in not only length but overall width.

4. Stay warm

As is obvious when you wash up or go swimming, you will find that your penis is usually smaller. Worse still is if you live in a cold environment as it affects the size of your dick. To be able to counter attack this, try to stay as warm as possible so that blood circulation to that area is increased. The reason behind this is that the warmer you are, the more blood rushes to the penis and subsequent enlarging occurs. Doing this repeatedly ensures that it takes a bigger form with the veins enlarging in the process.

5. Engage in Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are usually a favorite for women when it comes to sexuality. However, it has been found to be one of the best ways to enhance penis size. This happens when you squeeze the muscles of your dick as you relieve yourself. Do this up to 10-20 times in every set for effective enhancement.

6. Eat Pumpkin seeds

With the fact that pumpkin seeds are full of vitamin E, speeding of blood flow to the penis is a given. With this happening, enhancing the size of your dick is achieved. In this regards, by incorporating it in your diet plan, you will be assured of positive results.

7. Eat cayenne pepper

Cayenne is a great food additive that is usually used in small doses for its spiciness. However, by throwing this notion out and using it every day, it will help you in the process of penis enhancement. This is because cayenne pepper increases metabolism which helps in blood circulation. Regular full blood circulation to the penis then results in bigger penis size.

Why Does Jewish Egg Donor Exist?

We are here to provide our expert services for a Jewish parent or for a Jewish egg donor. We are here to cater to your every need in a very timely and professional fashion. We are dedicated to providing the very best care you can hope to find.

In our Jewish egg donor program, we meticulously interview and get to know all our egg donors and we also fully inform them of the entire procedure and ensure they fully understand it. We also give them all the medical information as well as the legal information before they commit themselves to this very special kind of procedure. For everyone that is involved in the program, there are a number of factors that ought to be considered. We ensure that all these factors are mentioned and understood by everyone and that everything is crystal clear before the process can begin. We also thoroughly screen our egg donors and counsel them so that they are fully aware of all that they are to do and to adhere to as egg donors.

For couples searching for Jewish egg donors, feel free to pay us a visit or simply look through our extensive database. You are also free to ask for our assistance where you feel it is needed. At the moment, our choice of Jewish egg donors is diverse and amazing. These are all amazing people that are more than willing to commit themselves to this procedure. We regularly receive people who are searching for Jewish egg donors. We ensure that people come to us because of the attention to detail that we put in our work; the process of screening, the counseling sessions, and the legal and medical aspects of it all too.

You can apply with us if you wish to find a Jewish egg donor or if you wish to become a Jewish egg donor. It is a somewhat involving process but in the end, after our impeccable services, we guarantee that all parties will be happy. We have an extensive list of egg donors, and that list only keeps growing by the day. You can freely visit our Jewish egg donor database to take a look at all our donors and browse through the number of options available. We guarantee that all our egg donors have been thoroughly screened and have adhered to our thorough rules and regulations—they are all up to standard. The range of Jewish egg donors that we have is extensive and impressive. You are almost guaranteed to find the one that meets all your specific requirements. This is what we strive for.

Best Jewish Egg Donor

The jewish egg donor candidates endorsed by egg donors database finishes an exceptionally itemized poll which speaks to the screening period of the application. From that point just about portion of the candidates who apply are welcomed for an in-individual meeting with one of our evaluation program organizers. The principal meeting with jewish egg donor program facilitator for the most part dispenses with another little percentage of the candidates. The second meeting is with one of our doctors. The doctor will likewise lead medicinal testing for irresistible malady, hereditary qualities, and medication misuse. At the point when a candidate has cleared these strides, then they are viewed as prepared to be coordinated for a beneficiary, and went into the endorsed Egg Donors Database. Just a little number of all candidates make it into egg donor pool. When you present your Egg Donors Wish List, you will naturally have the capacity to survey Jewish current egg donor matches.

Practical Considerations of Jewish Egg Donor

Need: Since there are different methodologies and achievement rates among therapeutic experts, we prompt any couple who has been encouraged to seek after egg donation to search out a second conclusion for verification.

Egg Availability: There are fluctuating conclusions in the matter of who is viewed as the best egg donor for a Jewish couple. Also, it is profoundly suggested that the donor have physical qualities that are like the wife so that the tyke is inclined to take after its parents. These variables constrain the pool of potential donors.

Moreover, many people are reluctant to serve as donors of hereditary materials for an assortment of reasons. All things considered, it is regularly both difficult and costly to locate a ready and proper egg donor.

Now and then, a couple can locate a suitable donor through their center, while different couples must utilize free organizations to discover their donors. This may shift by area; nations have different laws with respect to these procedures.

Enthusiastic: People respond to circumstances in different ways; this is a piece of what makes us human. A few ladies have no issues utilizing given eggs, while others can’t comprehend any circumstance in which they would utilize them. Besides, a percentage of the intense subject matters will just surface after the strategy is done, after conception or even many years after the fact. All things considered, it is essential for the couple to experience fitting mental and feeling.

In spite of the many difficulties and issues confronted when considering egg donation as a treatment alternative, many couples worldwide have effectively profited themselves of this innovation. These couples originate from all strolls of Jewish life and all levels of religious recognition. Egg donation is a suitable choice for those couples who have no other option.