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Do you find struggling with premature ejaculation at bed? Well, that’s surely a common protest by men during sexual intercourse and no matter how big the character you carry, the moment of sexual failure definitely brings embarrassment to you. But, no worries, Stud 100 is your companion that eliminates the complaint of premature ejaculation. It is an easy-to-apply spray that starts working immediately as applied and, as far as clinical drawbacks are concerned, yet not to worry, you are playing safe with Stud 100.

What’s Inside?

Stud 100 is equipped with lidocaine that temporarily reduces the sensation in male genitalia and allows long enough sexual intercourse – thus increasing sexual stamina and removing premature ejaculation. That quality is enough to understand for how long you are going to get at driving seat, may be deep enough for hours. Lidocaine is totally safe to use as it is a medical grade anesthetic and clinically approved chemical that is widely used in hospitals.

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How To Use?

Only 5 to 10 minutes before the intercourse, apply 3 or more times. The spray is to be applied right from the top down the root through a tube of the penis. Beware, NEVER use more than 10 sprays at a time and remember to wash off the product right after the intercourse. Here, you should determine the exact quantity and time of application as per your own requirement and may be as per experience. Make sure taking minimum quantity and do not exceed the maximum.

Trustworthy Benefits:

o It is easy to carry as it is packaged in around 7.62 centimeters height can that can be carried even in a pocket.
o You can use it yourself. It is a simple spray that works at your fingertips.
o It does not require frequent buying as it lasts around 120 sprays. A single packaging of Stud 100 contains 7.16 fl. oz.
o It is completely odorless and environmentally friendly. It is also non-toxic and does not produce any irreversible effects.
o Its main ingredient is Lidocaine which is a medically fit anesthetic which is widely used in different hospitals.
o The product is available without any prescription or consultation. It is basically a U.K. based product and can be purchased anywhere around the world from adult stores. It may be acquired online as well.

Many users report that it fetches away the natural pleasure during the intercourse. As the product is designed to overcome the sensation during intercourse, this is how it prevents early ejaculation. Sex actually requires in-depth sensation to enjoy it completely, but Stud 100 restricts it. Furthermore, the people sensitive or allergic to anesthetics should resist themselves using this product.

Stud 100 is recommended for those who come across weak erection, premature ejaculation or less foreplay duration because of sex sensation getting at the peak too early. Despite stated drawback, it is proven collectively by the comprehensive research and customers’ response that 64 percent out of total were satisfied with their sexual intercourse using Stud 100. Rest, nevertheless, complain that they did not enjoy full pleasure because of losing sex sensation using this product.

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3 Ways to be the Best Fuck She Has Ever Had

she wants a good fuckDo you want your lady love to have a mind-blowing and orgasmic sex which she would love to discuss out with friends? If your sex sessions are boring, and frizzles out in just a few minutes, you got to do something and spice it up. Most of the guys don’t know how to fuck a girl properly. If you want to soar higher and higher in the eyes of your lady love, improve your bed performance for that is the base of a love relationship. If you don’t know how to fuck, you get fucked up with a broken relationship. To be a boss in your bedroom, and a beast on the bed, follow this section closely.

If the woman of your life does not enjoy a good sex, she will not stay with you for long. She may prove you a cuckold very soon. So, before it is too late, implement the ways to fucking her in the best way. You and your girl are sure to end up with a hot lovemaking session. Great sex will rescue you from insecurity, and let you also enjoy good sex. The girl will come back to you again and again. The lady will want you more and hang around you for most of the times. A man can flirt confidently only when he is confident of satisfying his woman on the bed.

Foreplay to charge her up 

Just like you charge your battery, you got to charge your lady. The only way to do so is foreplay on the bed. Don’t straightaway move to sex for that is an absolute “No”. Don’t think of her pussy from beforehand. Missing foreplay will take away the fun part from lovemaking. Besides, foreplay helps in the lubrication of sex organ, which is very vital for an enjoyable and wild lovemaking session. Her pussy will get soaking wet while there won’t be any need for artificial lube. There will be more desire for lovemaking this way. Follow the foreplay tips stated below:
• In the beginning, gently caress and kiss her erogenous zones. Certain parts are sensitive like her neck, lips, stomach, breasts, and thighs. Keep caressing and kissing till she gets soaking wet.
• Buy a fragrance-rich massage oil bottle from the market and just give her an erotic massage on the bed. This will surely charge her up.
• Fingering before actual lovemaking is important.
• Roll your tongue on her clit left and right. Move it upwards and downwards for an instant turn on.

Fucking in the right position 

There are a variety of sex positions and you got to use the right position. The position should enable skin-to-skin contact. It is better to switch positions every now and then. It adds an element of surprise and makes the lovemaking session even more exciting. The best sex positions are doggy style and missionary position. While fucking in the doggy style, don’t forget to wrap your arms around her breast. When fucking in the missionary position, ensure maximum skin contact. Try out reverse cowgirl, she riding on you, reverse doggy style and sideways doggy style. They are all excellent sex positions.

Talk dirty for communication is the key 

If you are a male, be a bit dominant and do communicate. Communication is important in all the stages of coitus. If the stage is before sex, try and connect emotionally. Look into her eyes and connect to a deeper level. Make sure the eye contact is sexy. In between the sex, moan and groan as much as possible, and talk dirty. Women get charged up when men talk dirty during sex. For that intense sexual experience, talk dirty. Before sex, you may pull her close to you and say “you look so beautiful’. You may be as creative and unique as possible.

All three ways when combined together will lead to a wild sexual experience. Be passionate and dominant, as the situation demands. It is important for males to increase their stamina. This may be done by hitting the gym on a regular basis.

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Ways to Make Her Have an Orgasm at Double the Speed

Girl claiming her desired orgasmAll any man wants to be able to do is to please his woman. It becomes a primal instinct that men have. When your woman is happy, you are happy, and that especially holds true in the bedroom. If you are the only one having an orgasm, are you doing your job? Are you giving her pleasure? If you aren’t, then who is?

To put your fears aside, you need to be able to make this happen, and you need to be able to make your girl cum. At the end of the day, when she tells you that she doesn’t need an orgasm to be happy, that might hold true for a few times, but when it becomes the norm, then it will be a problem for her. Can you imagine having sex as many times as you do and not having any release? Wouldn’t that feel awful? Imagine how it feels for your girl.

It’s time to break the cycle, and it’s time that you learn these three surefire ways to make your woman have an orgasm at double the speed. There is no reason that you have to spend hours with a woman to make her orgasm. You should be able to make it happen within a matter of minutes.

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Finally, you will be able to make your girl cum at lightning speed. No longer do you have to feel like you are fumbling around in the bedroom and look like you have no idea what you’re doing. It’s time you changed that today.

The first proven way to make her have an orgasm is to go down on her. This is your best bet for getting her to reach orgasm. After the first one, everything is easy as pie after that. With oral, your tongue on her clitoris is a recipe for orgasm. Try using different tongue strokes on her to give her various stimulation. The more stimulation you can give to her, the faster she will have an orgasm. Try going down on her before sex, as a means of foreplay. She doesn’t need to know that your ultimate mission is to make her orgasm multiple times.

As previously stated, after a woman has one orgasm, her chances of having another one are very high and the time it will take to make that happen is very low.

The second surefire way to make her have an orgasm is to either rub the clitoris again either with your tongue, or you can use your finger or a vibrator. The more orgasms you can make her have via her clitoris, the greater her chances are of having one via sex.

The third way that you can make your girl cum faster is to make the build-up last all day or even from the night before. You know how bad you want sex after not getting it for a few days; so imagine what she will feel like? Allow that sexual anticipation to build in her body for as long as possible until you are both ready to explode.

Being able to please your woman doesn’t have to be this difficult if you are an Adonis Alpha. You can make your girl achieve an orgasm every single time you have sex or touch her. If you want to become the best lover she has ever had, then you need to learn the secret today so you can use it tonight.