3 Best Cum Pills To Produce A Lot More Cum: The Easy Way!

Men suffering from low volumes of cum when they ejaculate are usually unsatisfied with their sexual encounter as a whole. They feel empty inside, distresses and even ashamed of this situation. Helping a man shoot cum more powerfully will transform their attitude towards sex and it will make their partners a lot more satisfied, as well. 

Thankfully, there are nowadays 3 effective supplements that can help anyone enhance his sperm volume and start enjoying some of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Here we present you the 3 top cum pills in the market, nowadays. 

Volume Pills: a little overview

Volume Pills are among the top-rated supplements nowadays, in terms of helping any man achieve longer and harder erections, ejaculate more powerfully and lead a better sexual life, in general. 

Their efficacy is proven and recorded by a lot of users, they are safe to use, cause they are made only by natural ingredients. They are also, really affordable and accessible to everyone. 

How do Volume Pills work?

The trick behind the success of Volume Pills lies in the combination of their ingredients. Each of the ingredients that are included in the final formula can increase your semen volume and enhance your erections.

Imagine the power of their unique combination! Ku Gua, Solidin, Zinc Oxide and Xian Mao are all natural sex enhancers.

They mainly work by enhancing the production of testosterone which is undoubtedly the king sex hormone in men. 

What are the results of using Volume Pills daily?

If you start using your Volume Pills on a daily basis and stick to them for at least a month or two, you will soon see a great improvement to your overall sexual life. 

You will acquire longer and better orgasms, your semen volume will increase considerably and most importantly, you will regain your long-gone male confidence.

Volutrex Extreme: overview

Another popular choice in male enhancement supplements, the Volutrex Extreme is there to help every man feel more powerful during his sexual interactions.

Made of natural ingredients, including Saw Palmetto, Maca root, and Siberian Ginseng, the Volutrex formula promises to help you become the king you deserve. 

What are the results of Volutrex Extreme consumption?

After you start consuming that formula, you will soon discover an improvement in your ability to cum hard, experience hard erections and ejaculate more easily. 

The formula stimulates your body towards producing more sperm and it is also, capable of increasing the volume and thickness of your semen. 

This supplement works fast and it has an overall positive impact to your reproductive system. Some of its ingredients can also, increase contractions and therefore, prolong the time you need to climax, leading to stronger orgasms.

Semenax: general overview

Another great option in male enhancement supplements, Semenax is ready to make your sexual life a lot better. 

With its optimal combination of active ingredients, including Zinc Oxide, L-carnitine, Muira Puama, Hawthorne, as well as Pine Bark Extract, Semenax can really play an important role in making your sexual encounters a lot more satisfying. 

What are the expected results from taking Semenax?

This natural formula is capable of increasing the levels of testosterone and the volume of semen you are able to deliver.

Are you incapable of acquiring long-lasting orgasms? Do you feel overly stressed when you have sex with your partner and afraid of what she might think due to your lack of a satisfactory cum volume? 

If such is the case, then you should rest assured that Semenax is there to help you out. Experiencing longer and harder erections can be the key to larger cum loads and sufficient semen volume.

Are all of those 3 pills similarly effective?

Various customers reviews and positive ratings prove that all of the above mentioned products are extremely effective and safe choices. 

The main difference lies in their combination of ingredients. However, since all of the ingredients which are included in each formula are specifically designed to provide male customers with a sufficient way to fight any low-cum issues, you should rest assured that either choice will be beneficial from the very start.

It is true that suffering from low ejaculation levels, insufficient cum loads and early climaxes can make any man feel stressed and ashamed of himself. If that applies to you, then you should stop worrying! Scientists have found some effective solutions that can make even the laziest of men capable of producing large quantities of semen. 

All you need to do is to simply trust these options and make an immediate difference to your sexual life. After all, every man deserves to fully enjoy his sexual encounters!

Common Regular Practices that Will Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Lots of ejaculate of semenResearch shows that over 5 million men in the US alone experience low ejaculation power, this comes at a time when ignorance cannot be bliss. A section of women recently interviewed expressed their concerns that 80% of the men they have been with experienced this problem, claiming further that it took the edge off the dazzle that comes with it. So, how do we solve this in order to have more power and reach? Below are 3 simple ways that involve our overall lifestyle.

Through proper dietary practices and supplementation

Believe it or not what we consume has an overall effect on your ability to ejaculate, there are certain types of food and drinks that give your body a hard time in firing up the semen factory, a perfect example is soda and alcohol they are not only bad for the liver but also the testosterone levels in the body, a recent finding showed that men who consumed over 2 bottles a day had a 30% lower count.

Apart from exercising restraints to certain elements, there are those we are fully encouraged to consume, regularly in fact.

a) Foods rich in Amino acids

They are the building blocks of proteins, and according to scientists a large portion of these acids are found in the head of the sperm, this only goes to show how essential they are in the sperm creation process. The most common include; L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Carnitine.

b) Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables

These herbaceous plants are rich anti-oxidants which improve sperm quality through nourishing.

c) Take zinc together with folic acid

Zinc is one of the important trace elements in our bodies which among its many functions when coupled with folic acid, not only increases sperm count immensely but also prevents prostate cancer.

Checking our lifestyle habits

a) Managing stress levels

At this digital age and time living a stress free life is more of fantasy, although learning how to manage and eventually reduce stress levels is actually within reach. Stress tends to interfere with hormonal balance resulting to low testosterone levels and eventually low ejaculatory power.

b) Regular kegel exercises

Also known as PC exercises, perform a host of functions that help improve the overall reproductive system. More information on how to go about this is available in the search engines.

Check on your common habits

This entails an array of common practices which include;

a) Avoiding too much heat

The temperature requires to enhance the production of sperms needs to be slightly lower than that of the body, and this people, is why the scrotum is located on the outer part of the body rather than inside. It is therefore advisable to keep off regular hot baths, steam rooms or cars with heated seats.

b) Refrain from wearing too tight underwear

Too tight underwear will increase scrotal temperature, which eventually interferes with sperm production.

There are other common practices associated with increasing heat in the mid lower section that should be avoided e.g. sitting with your feet crossed.

It is important to note the do’s and don’ts in order to increase ejaculation power and sperm count, it is also advisable to see a specialist in case of a more serious situation.

Are You Ready to Be a Goddess and Take His Load?

Foods to increase your loadLife is full of great moments. Sex is one of them.

Sex is everything, sex is power. All of our decisions are based on sexuality. Now, beyond routine sex, the real frenzy is to make him feel like a god by showing him that you are a goddess. Goddesses have confidence in themselves and no one does it better than them… even if they do it with someone with “a lot” of experience.

How do you do that in sex? How to make him feel like a god? How to delight him with our mouth and to swallow until the last drop? (Yes, swallowing is important to them)

First, what most excites them: the attitude. A woman who is confident about what she does, her movements and her looks, is a woman worth seeing again.

Second, movements and sounds. This would probably be one of the most difficult parts because advices and tips are not enough. To be able to drive him crazy with your movements, you have to let go and stop thinking: let him touch you while you move, or why not, make him touch you (where you want to be touched). If sex is not about intimacy and senses, you are not doing it right. Some men enjoy listening to their lovers, and prefer a woman who likes to moan (and even scream, but do not exaggerate). Do not be afraid to moan, it can excite you too.

Third and most important: the blowjob. Let us not deceive ourselves, it is the favorite part of men, and it must be the beginning and the happy ending.

How to satisfy him with my mouth? Will he like it even though I’m not that good?

Girls, he’s going to like it even if you have no experience. If you want to give your partner a routine blowjob, it does not take much effort. But if you want to be unforgettable, there are some tips you cannot miss.

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We recommend this formula: eyes, tongue, throat and moans. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but the result is better than you think. Start with a little tongue in the most sensitive parts (the tip and the back of the penis), and then, begins the action inside your mouth. Only you can measure the pace that your partner likes, and do not forget to get to the throat. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult! How can you put it down to the throat without choking? Probably a lot of practice, but an advice: relax and open your mouth. Let the pleasure cloud your mind. Remember to look into his eyes (they love it) and moan while you have it in your mouth.

The happy ending: they can’t resist to cum somewhere on your body, but their favorite part is in your mouth. Do not be afraid to please him with this, on the contrary, help him to make it a pleasant experience. Look into his eyes provocatively, and encourage him with your lips and moans to finish inside your mouth.

When he reaches the orgasm inside your mouth, you already got a part of the heaven won, at least for him. A woman who can make her partner cum, is a great lover. But a woman who can make the sex an unforgettable experience, is a goddess.

How Can a Woman Milk the Prostate of a Man

Hot girl wanting to please a manProstate milking is an one of the ultimate ways to get a exhilarating male sexual stimulation. Unknown to many, the prostate gland is round mass of tissue locate in a male rectum. Milking or massaging it will often produce an incredibly exciting sexual high to the recipient if properly done. As a woman, this is one of the ways you can take charge and give your man the experience of a lifetime. Other than being enjoyable, this action has health benefits. For one, it could help overcome erectile dysfunction. Even better, it could also help eliminate prostate cancer causing bacteria. Even so, there are health dangers tied to prostate milking. They include possible risks of getting hemorrhoids. For people suffering from prostatitis, it should be avoided as it may lead to further health complications to the patient. If, however, your partner is in top notch health, this is definitely something worth trying. Basically, it can be done in two ways; internally or externally. If you don’t wish to use your hands, there are sex toy specially designed for the job. You may opt to use one instead. Whichever way you decide to go about it, take your time and make as gentle as possible for effective results. Below are steps on how to effectively carry out this act.


Some people may not be entirely comfortable with having anything up their anus. In such cases, an external stimulation would be the better choice. Here is how to go about it.

1. Make your partner lay on his back with his knees up. Ensure he’s comfortable in this position.

2. Lift up his testicles with one hand. Reach out for the perineum with your other hand. The perineum is the area between a man’s scrotum and his anus.

3. Gently rub the center of the perineum. It is advisable to lube up the area to make your work easier.

4. You will start to feel a firm round like spot (the prostate); that is your target. Gently rub this area at a slow pace.

5. Your partner should feel a sensation while you’re doing this.

6. If he admittedly feels something, push a little harder in circular motions. This should result in an intense orgasm. This method requires a little more force compared to the internal one. This is because you are not directly in contact with the gland.

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With this method, it is important to ensure the anal area is clean. Get your partner to take a shower before getting down to business. It is also very recommendable for him to ensure his bowels are empty. You may choose to use gloves or to just use direct skin contact. When ready, follow the steps below.

1. The most important aspect of this process is to ensure your partner is in a comfortable position. The best would be for him to lie on his back with his legs apart.

2. Begin by massaging his testicles and the area around his anus. This should reduce the any tension your partner may have while simultaneously getting the area warmed up.

3. Ensure your nails are short and well trimmed to eliminate the possibility of discomfort to your partner. Apply lube to the anus area and to your fingers.

4. Slowly insert about two inches of your index finger into his anus. Do not rush it, take your time.

5. Move your finger around and try to locate the prostate gland.

6. Once you find it, massage it gently. Try not to push too hard as you could damage the gland resulting in prostate related complications to your partner.

7. Rhythmically move your finger in and out. This should cause a whole lot of sensations to him eventually leading him to orgasm. To prolong the sensation, you could do it while taking short breaks; enough to hold off the orgasm.

If you are looking to spice up you love life, this is one of the best ways you and your man can achieve it. It may not always work with the first trial. Don’t give up, it takes a bit of practice to get it right.

7 Proven Ways To Enhance The Size Of Your Dick

When it comes to penis size, the truth of the matter is being in washrooms and locker rooms full of people is in bad taste, especially when you deem yourself small. No doubt when that happens the need to increase the size comes to mind. In this case, below are some proven ways to enhance the size of your dick safely.

1. Eat less cheese and meat

Reality is that with cheese and meat you increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Consequently, arteries and veins narrow thus reducing blood flow to the penis. By reducing your intake of cheese and meat, the veins will open up allowing for a bigger blood flow to the penis and the looks of it will become more impressive.

2. Stretch your penis

One of the proven ways to enhance the size of your penis is by stretching it. One of the ways to do so is by firmly grasping the head of your penis and hold tightly, but not too much so you do not cut off the circulation. Pull and stretch it outwards while still holding the base with your other hand. Do this every day for 5 minutes while doing it for 10-25 seconds sets.

3. Use ginseng

Among a study completed in Korea, it was found that taking a regular amount of ginseng roots on a daily basis results in penis enlargement in men. In this regards, taking in the recommended dose of 500mg per day, you will soon see results in not only length but overall width.

4. Stay warm

As is obvious when you wash up or go swimming, you will find that your penis is usually smaller. Worse still is if you live in a cold environment as it affects the size of your dick. To be able to counter attack this, try to stay as warm as possible so that blood circulation to that area is increased. The reason behind this is that the warmer you are, the more blood rushes to the penis and subsequent enlarging occurs. Doing this repeatedly ensures that it takes a bigger form with the veins enlarging in the process.

5. Engage in Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are usually a favorite for women when it comes to sexuality. However, it has been found to be one of the best ways to enhance penis size. This happens when you squeeze the muscles of your dick as you relieve yourself. Do this up to 10-20 times in every set for effective enhancement.

6. Eat Pumpkin seeds

With the fact that pumpkin seeds are full of vitamin E, speeding of blood flow to the penis is a given. With this happening, enhancing the size of your dick is achieved. In this regards, by incorporating it in your diet plan, you will be assured of positive results.

7. Eat cayenne pepper

Cayenne is a great food additive that is usually used in small doses for its spiciness. However, by throwing this notion out and using it every day, it will help you in the process of penis enhancement. This is because cayenne pepper increases metabolism which helps in blood circulation. Regular full blood circulation to the penis then results in bigger penis size.