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Do you find struggling with premature ejaculation at bed? Well, that’s surely a common protest by men during sexual intercourse and no matter how big the character you carry, the moment of sexual failure definitely brings embarrassment to you. But, no worries, Stud 100 is your companion that eliminates the complaint of premature ejaculation. It is an easy-to-apply spray that starts working immediately as applied and, as far as clinical drawbacks are concerned, yet not to worry, you are playing safe with Stud 100.

What’s Inside?

Stud 100 is equipped with lidocaine that temporarily reduces the sensation in male genitalia and allows long enough sexual intercourse – thus increasing sexual stamina and removing premature ejaculation. That quality is enough to understand for how long you are going to get at driving seat, may be deep enough for hours. Lidocaine is totally safe to use as it is a medical grade anesthetic and clinically approved chemical that is widely used in hospitals.

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How To Use?

Only 5 to 10 minutes before the intercourse, apply 3 or more times. The spray is to be applied right from the top down the root through a tube of the penis. Beware, NEVER use more than 10 sprays at a time and remember to wash off the product right after the intercourse. Here, you should determine the exact quantity and time of application as per your own requirement and may be as per experience. Make sure taking minimum quantity and do not exceed the maximum.

Trustworthy Benefits:

o It is easy to carry as it is packaged in around 7.62 centimeters height can that can be carried even in a pocket.
o You can use it yourself. It is a simple spray that works at your fingertips.
o It does not require frequent buying as it lasts around 120 sprays. A single packaging of Stud 100 contains 7.16 fl. oz.
o It is completely odorless and environmentally friendly. It is also non-toxic and does not produce any irreversible effects.
o Its main ingredient is Lidocaine which is a medically fit anesthetic which is widely used in different hospitals.
o The product is available without any prescription or consultation. It is basically a U.K. based product and can be purchased anywhere around the world from adult stores. It may be acquired online as well.

Many users report that it fetches away the natural pleasure during the intercourse. As the product is designed to overcome the sensation during intercourse, this is how it prevents early ejaculation. Sex actually requires in-depth sensation to enjoy it completely, but Stud 100 restricts it. Furthermore, the people sensitive or allergic to anesthetics should resist themselves using this product.

Stud 100 is recommended for those who come across weak erection, premature ejaculation or less foreplay duration because of sex sensation getting at the peak too early. Despite stated drawback, it is proven collectively by the comprehensive research and customers’ response that 64 percent out of total were satisfied with their sexual intercourse using Stud 100. Rest, nevertheless, complain that they did not enjoy full pleasure because of losing sex sensation using this product.

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